Meet Clooney’s New Head Chef Jacob Kear

He’s made vegan dishes for Alicia Keys, supermodel meals for Miranda Kerr and “temple food” for Ryan Seacrest. (From Mondays to Fridays, the E! presenter won’t touch salt, sugar, dairy, onion or garlic, but on weekends he’ll sneak down to the freezer to munch on raw cookie dough.)

For Jacob Kear, until recently a resident of Los Angeles who catered to celebs, preparing a delicious meal for the nutrition-obsessed required some seriously creative thinking. Now he’s turning his attention to high-calibre dining of a different sort, stepping into the head chef role at Clooney.

The Japanese-American chef is preceded by his reputation, having worked at Copenhagen’s two Michelin-star restaurant Noma, named the best restaurant in the world four times before closing its doors late last year. He has also worked at the Michelin-starred Tapas Molecular Bar in Tokyo, and helped Noma’s owner Rene Redzepi establish Noma Japan.

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