Clooney is excited to be working with PermaDynamics, a productive certified organic permaculture farm on community trust land in Matapouri, Northland. Over the last 15 years PermaDynamics have drastically transformed their clay soil into deep topsoil with ever increasing fertility. They successfully implement carbon sequestrationtechniques and continually observe, learn and integrate more layers into our intricate system.

From a steep kikuyu smothered slope they have created a profitable food forest with no other means than orchestrating diversity and succession. They now have an abundant, fully functioning eco-system which harbours over 200 species of plants and creates sanctuary and breeding zones for native wild life.

PermaDynamics food forest, mushroom grove and market garden provides their family their community and now Clooney with nutrient dense, certified organic food. Their vast knowledge of the land, seed collection and food bank offers inspiration to all who wish to become more self-sufficient through regenerative agriculture.

Clooney works closely with Klaus to develop ingredients that are ideally suited to both their farm and the Clooney’s menu.

“We believe wholeheartedly in combining permaculture,​ bio-dynamics and syntropy to enrich soil fertility, sequester carbon and enhance wildlife so to provide a model for rewarding, sustainable, creative living”

For Further Information on PermaDynamic and their courses please click here.