Restaurant Manager / Owner

Tony Stewart

Tony has been a fixture of the Auckland hospitality scene since he opened his first lounge bar in the nineties, but it was the arrival of Clooney in 2006 that established his reputation as a restaurateur. Eleven years later, he still plays a major role in service and the day to day running of the restaurant despite his many other projects including pop-up restaurant The Hamptons in Shortland St and, more recently, the acclaimed Waiheke Island Yacht Club in San Francisco. A standard bearer for sustainable fishing practices and spokesperson for ConversationNZ, Tony is committed to putting New Zealand more firmly on the map as a global culinary destination.

Head Chef

Jacob Kear

Chef Jacob Kear is a Japanese-American chef known for his fusion of Eastern and Western influences and embrace of both classic and contemporary techniques. Previous residencies at Noma in Copenhagen and Japan, as well as Lukshon and the Michelin-starred Tapas Molecular Bar have shaped his distinctive culinary style and the unique lens through which he views cuisine.

Chef Kear has now made New Zealand his home and is committed to making Clooney an international dining destination while shining the spotlight on New Zealand food. #gettingNewZealandfoodnoticed