Restaurant Review: Clooney, Freemans Bay

Of all this city’s restaurants, Clooney is the one to save up for. A handful of Auckland establishments offer flawless food served by pleasant people, but Clooney is the only room that makes you gasp when you walk in. If they had any sense, it’s where the record company guys should have taken Justin Bieber and Adele when they were in town last week, though Bieber doesn’t deserve it.

Most restaurants seek out natural light but Clooney avoids it — a big, dark room with toffee leather booths obscured by floor-to-ceiling string curtains, the vibe is sexy-mystery.

“This is where I’d come if I was having an affair,” my wife decided as we sat down on the occasion of our third wedding anniversary. Then she squeezed my knee under the table and joked, “Do you think anyone will see us?!”, trying to affect the intrigue of an extra-marital dalliance but sounding more like a lost hiker spelling out the word “HELP” in strips of toilet paper for passing helicopters.

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